From the very first day of our life
and further on

everyone has to do with a great number of official documents. A Birth Certificate, as the evidence of our coming to this world, is the first such document which is then followed by various certificates, diplomas, official paper, etc. Each family archive is likely to store our grandparents’ documents printed on headed paper or containing nice-looking handwriting …

Innovative technologies have largely contributed to better and more refined appearance of documents, offering more reliable and multilevel protections against forgery, and bringing about new tailored forms and blanks for specific purposes, including certificates, policies, receipts, reports, orders, cheques, etc.

Established in 2001, Ukrspetspoligraphia knows how to combine the two opposite approaches and find the golden mean and at the same time to keep the tradition of protected printing together with implementation of innovative technologies of high security printing. We are engaged in printing of most significant official documents at the highest level of responsibility and assurance. The evidence of our reliability is confirmed with the Licence (АВ No. 553023 dated October 11, 2010) issued by the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance and authorising printing of strict accounting documents, and the Licence (АВ No. 440515 dated December 03, 2008) issued by the Ukrainian Security Service and authorising holographic element operations. Our quality management expertise is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certificate.


ensures confidential treatment of any information beginning from the negotiation stage. Placing of a customer order with our Printing House is like keeping valuable things in a most reliable safe. Currently, we offer a variety of protected printing solutions and products. All secured documents we have been printing are unique since each one has its individual covert protection.

We are the only printing house in Ukraine that can print a blank protected by a positioned individual watermark repeating your logo or company name.

We are proud that our Company is the only business in the industry that has managed to arrange a full and complete cycle of production for state-run and commercial lotteries using our own production capacities.

Due to our close cooperation with customers, we are continuously improving our printing skills and experience.

Everyone wants to get only genuine and original things in everyday life. When we communicate with our nearest people, we surely want to get true emotions, and when a man makes a marriage offer he certainly wants to be inimitable, and to prefer jumping into the ocean rather than a pool …

All such emotions are kept alive in our products together with every secret of documents that is reliably secured. An admission ticket we produce will secure your entrance to a concert hall, with a gift certificate printed by us you will surely get your gift, with a lottery ticket printed by us you are sure to get your million if you win it, and with a fuel voucher printed by us you will certainly fuel your car, while Certificates printed by us are the evidence of product authenticity and quality, and our holographic stickers prove that a document is genuine and original.

Our technologies contribute us to keep your secrets and make a tough challenge for forgers whose interventions could result in many bad emotions and disappoints for you.